The Reason for this Blog

America is getting old or older and in a few months we will be in the year 2020. I started being concern about my health in the the 60′. I use to watch the T.V. series Dr Ben Casey, Dr.Kildare, Dr. Marcus Welby M.D, Trapper John, Medical Center and other medical series. The other things that effected me was the death of my father and his brothers who died at an early age. They all died in their 40’s. Just as I began to really know them they began to die and I wanted to know why so young. As Michael Jackson sang that song,”Gone To Soon” it reminded me of my father and my uncles.It got me thinking why they died so young. My father was a big man not necessary fat, but he was a hunter. The reason I say that is he was a fisherman, could hunt deer, bear, rabbit, squirrel and raccoon. You see my mother was a fine cook and she just knew how to prepare whatever he brought home.

EARLY YEARS in Milwaukee

I was born in Aberdeen Mississippi on May 17, 1949 but was told the family moved to Milwaukee after six months I was born. It was 5 kids but I and my older brother was the only ones born in Mississippi the other 3 was born in Milwaukee. We lived at 2125 North 10th Street between Garfield and Lloyd street in the sixties . We all attended Lloyd Street School on 12th and North Avenue. I would say that I had a really normal childhood. I was the second oldest child and for some reason my parents pick me to write out their checks for the bills. I think because I had develop good penmanship and I credit that to one of my favorite teacher’s Mrs Casey in the fifth grade. The other favorite teachers at Lloyd Street School was Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bear. Mrs. Thomas(not related to Mr. Thomas) and my physical Ed teacher Mr. Buick.When I was around 12 years old I got my first job a paper route. The station was on the corner of 7th and North Avenue. The station look like a army barracks. Doing this time I found out I was spelling my name wrong, I was spelling my name first name wrong I was spelling “Aljoe” but for me to get my paper route I had to bring and show my birth certificate. One day I when to my mother and ask her for my birth certificate so I can start my paper route. When she gave it to me on it was my real and other name spell difference it was spelled “Alijo”. I ask my mother about that and she told me she didn’t know, I ask my father and said he didn’t know either. I got my paper route but I didn’t change my name until I when to San Francisco much later in 1978.( More on my name change later). I also remember my youngest brother Shorty Ray and my sister began to speak Pig Latin and I didn’t understand what they were saying. It was all good to me because something like this happens in a lot of families went the two youngest kids are tight and bond together. After graduation from Lloyd Street School in 1961 I attended Roosevelt Junior High School. Back N’ the day on some Sundays my parents would us a quarter each to go and see a movie at the Roosevelt theater at the corner of 14th and north avenue. The tickets was only 14cents and the other 10cents we wound have for popcorn. Back in the sixty’s that was when we had theaters in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact I saw my first “James Bond Dr. No movie at the Franklin theater on 27th and Center street in 1965. After graduating from Roosevelt I attended North Division High School in Milwaukee for 2 years. Doing all this time my parents was smokers especially my father who smoke Carmel a non-filter cigarettes. I stayed on their case about smoking. I never smoke and would leave the dining room when both starting smoking because it would make me sick. I didn’t tell them about this about I love my parents and respect both of them. I fell it wasn’t my place to tell them what to do. In 1965 my father stop smoking. I was so happy and told him that I love him for doing it . I told him that I hope mama would do the same thing. I ask him was it because I kept bugging him or what was it. I started to read a lot, I love to read and I would read anything and watch a lot of T.V back N’ the day. I remember around that time I saw on the news in 1965 that all the major T.V. stations will no longer advertise cigarettes and cigars on T.V.. My father told me he when and saw the family doctor whom was Dr. John Terry. The doctor took some tests of his blood and told him everything was high and that he got to take better care of himself. At this time in 1965 I didn’t know about high blood and diabetes or high sugar because I haven’t or my other brothers and sister haven’t been in a doctor’s office. As a matter of fact when my father told me about seeing Dr. John Terry I was thinking he was a white doctor because I had never seen the doctor, but my father said he was a black doctor. As life continued in the hood my mother help my father by changing her cooking habits by baking the food and drinking more water. Over the next few months I could see that my father was losing weight and I guess he was getting his high blood and sugar under control. For a few years my father was doing good but my mother continued to smoke. I remember one time when I was in college I came home on the weekend and I when into my parents bedroom and it sink of smoking because my mother smoke there all the time. The walls had turned a difference color because of the smoke. My mother haven’t stop smoking I still love my mother. Whenever I speak of my mother I would always say,”Best Girl In The World”. A heart of gold. Always giving of her self and her time. Doing the time we lived on North 10th street there were churchs everywhere. There was a church across the street, an other at the corner of 10th Garfield, another church two blocks around the corner on 11th Lloyd ,another two blocks down at the corner on 10th on Brown street down across from Lamken park. The one we attended was on the corner of 9th and North Avenue call Metropolitan Baptist Church. Every Sunday will would be listing to Rev. Robert L Kelly preaching the word of the day. Learning the life of the Lord and Jesus Christ. I mention earlier that my mother was a good cook and on holidays and special occasions the church would have my mother and only my mother to cook the dressing that’s how much the people appreciate my mother’s cooking. Doing this time I learn about God, Jesus, The Church, The Gospel(the good news), Sin, Prayer and the Afterlife. All I’m going to say is I AM a true believer and the good Lord has my back. Prayer is also good for me. I P.U.S.H…”Pray Until Something Happens” everyday. I pray to continue to have good health especially at my age which is 70 years old as I write this blog and for my family and friends. I will also say when it comes to the Bible, people have loved it and hated it, but one thing they have never done is ignore it but the Bible is my inspiration and my foundation of my faith, that is why I continue to develop my Third Eye like Jesus and walk everyday by faith.


I found out I could go to college.

In 1966 the family moved to 19th and Walnut street in Milwaukee. After moving I was in another school district so I attended West Division High School. I play basketball played against “Down Town” Freddy Brown who when on to play in the NBA Seattle Super Sonics. Freddy Brown played for Lincoln High School in Milwaukee and won back to back state Championships 1966-1967. Another player that played in the NBA from Milwaukee was John Johnson who played Messmer Catholic School on West Capital Drive. As a senior, he helped Messmer High School to the state title in 1966. Back in the day they had two state titles the Catholic and the city. He also attended Iowa the same time Freddy Brown was there. John Johnson …aka JJ accompanied by later Settle Sonics teammate Fred Brown guided Iowa to a 14-0 record and NCAA tournament berth in 1970. JJ still holds Iowa top two scoring performances with 49 & 46 points. Both of them when on win the NBA title in 1979.Johnson moved from Seattle to San Jose when his son Mitch was recruited to play for Stanford. His son played on the Stanford University basketball team from 2005 to 2008.[5] On January 7, 2016, at age 68, John Johnson died in his San Jose residence of undetermined cause. I didn’t win my Letter sweater in Basketball but in cross-country and track. My sister her nick name was Baby Ruth named after my mother’s older and youngest sister wear my sweater more then me. I was fine with that because I didn’t wear it that much. Both John Johnson and “Down Town” Freddy Brown when on to also win a NBA championship with Seattle Super Sonics the same year Magic Johnson and Larry Bird came into the league. The stating center for Lincoln High School in 1966-1967 was a tall brother name John Rushing who when on to be a boy friend of Oprah Winfrey before she became famous huh. On the corner of 18th Walnut there was this big(I got the name) church that had a inside gym. That was new to me because all this time I was going to the playgrounds to play basketball. After a few years playing basketball in the church gym and after graduating from West Division High School you get to know who’s who and the people running the church. In the summer of 1968 after playing a few games the Pastor of the church had been watching. Suddenly he waved at me to come over. I knew he was the Pastor of the church but were never introduced to each other. When I came over he introduced himself as Pastor Glen and if I had the time he like to talk to me about an opportunity. He ask me if I was interested in going to college, so I when to his office. The question he ask, Did I ever think about coming to college? I told him yes but my parents couldn’t afford it. He started talking to me about this program for young black people. He started talking to me about this program for blacks from the Wisconsin state system that they would give out grant money(for teachers) blacks for 4 years and after graduation they wouldn’t have to pay it back under graduation if they taught in a inner-city school for 3 years. He also told me the Wisconsin State System wanted for blacks in the system that was ready but couldn’t afford to go to college. I told Pastor Glen I’m ready and my parents would be happy to hear that I can go to college. A few weeks pass and then I received some papers in the mail to go this Education Center on 3rd street between North and Garfield street. I when to the meeting and their was about nine or ten black other black students. I did know one other person from high school named Alice Faye Johnson and this other from another school I ran track against in high school name Gary Gray. The meeting started at 9:00am. A black person that was employed there conducted the meeting explaining everything about the process, saying that we would going to school on a teacher’s grants with the promise that the money wouldn’t have to paid back after graduating if we teach in the a inner-city school.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

I started attending River Falls in January 1969. River Falls was on the quarter system…meeting that you could graduate every three months instead every six months like the other state universities. The university is 300 hundred plus miles from Milwaukee. The university is in the state of Wisconsin closer to the Twin-Cities in Minnesota. Doing that time I remember I and my buddies(posse) use to go to the University of Minnesota(called U of M ). to party. Three things that I was glad about in 1969 and the first is going to college to get a degree to further my education the second was the Milwaukee Bucks and believe me in all of Milwaukee we had a chance to get or pick one of the greatest college basketball player in the NBA draft. In early May we had the NBA draft and the Milwaukee Bucks won the flip of the coin over the Phoenix Suns. Milwaukee Bucks was awarded the first overall pick. The Milwaukee Bucks pick Lew Alcindor known at UCLA but later change his name Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and the third later on that year a book I live by to this day that I got from the university store was,” You are what you eat”. It was written by an White lady and it was in paper back. I think its out of print but in 2006 another book was written by Dr. Gillian McKeith. Way back in 1969 I read that book over 50 years ago it change my life and effect me in how I live and eat today. Now I and million of other adults live in a modern day of diseases in the 21th century going in the 2020 in a few months from now. I think of a lot of people especially young people say,” You might as well do and eat anything because you’re going to die anyway” and a lot of older people say,” Don’t ever get old.” All my life I’ve and you have heard these lines. You do have to take better care of yourself as you get older. The body changes every 7 years and as you get older you need more help like vitamins and legal drugs to keep up. That is why I’m so passionate about health at a younger age. If you’re 40 or older, I don’t have to tell you that our bodies wear down as we age. We are all painfully aware of that, with the emphasis on “PAIN”. While we can’t become younger, there are things we can do to slow down the effects of aging. Some of the enemies of the BODY are too much sugar, sugar is the new Tobacco, smoking, Sunlight/Vitamin C connection, Autoimmune disorders, and Genetic changes I learned from reading that book in my college days.

Meeting a movie star: Agnes Moorehead

In the spring of 1970 the actress Agnes Moore came to the campus to give a speech. I when to see her and hear her talk. After the speech she walk to the commons where we eat with most of the blacks and when we got there we sat at this big round table asking a lot of questions. I think she had a lot of laughs and fun answering all the questions. One of the black student ask her of all places to go why come to River Falls. She grew up in Wisconsin and her family was from Reedsburg , Wisconsin. Before she got into acting she taught public school in Soldiers Groove, Wisconsin. She also said she earned a Master’s degree in English and Public Specking at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She said developed a lifelong interest in Religion. Most people know her for playing “Endora” on the T.V. series “Bewitched” playing Samantha’s mother on the show.

George Clinton & The P-Funk Posse.

In the fall of 1970 we had enough blacks to form a black student union. Alice Faye Johnson was the student president she also graduated from the same high school as myself West Division High school. That was the only person I knew when I started college. The other I knew of was Gary Grey because I ran track against him in high school as I mention earlier. A long story short the black student union had a say in the entertainment for the homecoming weekend. On that Saturday morning was free gym days and I and the other brothers on campus would get up early in the morning and play basketball. I was the only brother who lived down campus a new dormitory and the other brothers were in Johnson Hall. As I got in front of the gym I notice there was 2 tour bus on the street. Before I when into the gym a couple of black guys got out of the first bus and approached me and we started talking to each other. They said they were in River Falls to perform that evening and were (Roadies) they set up everything so that the stars and musicians can perform. Doing our introduction they told me they had a performance in Saint Paul Minnesota the night before and after the show they broke the stage down they drove to River Falls. They have been parked in front of the gym about 2:00am and wanted a little exercise. I told them they were in luck because I was just going in the gym to play basketball with the others brothers. They started laughing because they didn’t know they had black students on campus. I told them meet in the gym in about ten minutes after I change in the locker room. After about ten minutes and changing into my gym clothes coming up from the locker room their was six black men shooting around with there own basketball. The other four was members of the band, the band I learned later was called” Parliament-Funkadelic this was before the Mothership Connection. We played basketball for about a few hours but before we finish George Clinton came into the gym but didn’t play and stood by the inside the exit doors. After playing basketball I ask one of the member of the band who was the leader, I had a feeling he was but he pointed to the guy by the door George Clinton who he called “The Funk Master”. I and the other black students that was balling against his roadies and the other band members when over to George and introduced ourselves . He was cool then he ask where was the men’s restroom. They performed that homecoming weekend and it was good. After the show I and some of the black students hung out. Some of the band members they were on to Madison to perform at the University of Wisconsin. I didn’t see Parliament-Funkadelic live again until 1979 in Oakland , California but this time they develop “Mothership” connection and I was living in San Francisco. It was a Bill Graham Presents Production. Doing that time Bill have a “Day On The Green” series back N the day. On that day on the green and on the bill was also bill Rick James, Ray Parker & Radio, and Frankie Beverly & Maze.

Meeting Dave Winfield the baseball player.

When I attended The University of River Falls I was only 26 miles from the twin-Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul. It was no problem to travel to the University of Minnesota (U of M) to party when the university in 1972 to some special events. I and my posse Gary gray, Charlie Richardson, Smithy, and Eugene Graham when up the the (U of M) one weekend when they had an event and the whole basketball team was there. At that time the (U of M) had a very good basketball team. They had a good team but two players that stood out and that was Dave Winfield and Jim Brewer. I sort of knew they were basketball player because their were very tall. Dave Winfield was from the area won an scholarship in baseball played both baseball and basketball. As a matter of fact the basketball team when on to win the Big Ten Conference Basketball Championship. He when on to play Major League Baseball (MLB) play for San Diego Padres then the New York Yankees and finally won the World Series in 1992 with the Toronto Blue Jays. Dave was also a very good basketball but a better baseball player. Dave played basketball with another notable player named James(Jim) Brewer who played in the NBA. I remember when I use to go up to the U of M) to watch basketball games, when Jim Brewer who on that Big Ten Conference championship team in 1972, whenever Jim would scored a point, the public address announcer would declare “Two For The Brew!. Jim when on about 10 years in the NBA. Jim is the uncle of former NBA player and current Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Glen “Doc ” Rivers and great uncle of Houston Rockets point guard Austin Rivers. Even before Doc Rivers when to the NBA I follow him at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

1971 the family move to 14th & Capital.

I had this habit of calling home(Milwaukee) from River Falls to stay in touch with my family. Sometime I would talk all of them all or who would answer the phone. I would call every two or three weeks. My sister who was pregnant with Aimee and born on August 23, 1971 was my very first niece. I told my sister, congratulation on first born. I was so happy. I called early November a few weeks before Thanksgiving and talk to my sister and she told me they were packing, daddy had brought a house on 14th and Capital Drive. I told my sister I was glad to be moving off of 19th & Walnut street. I continue to talk to my sister telling her 14th & Capital Drive. was a nice neighborhood a couple of blocks from Rufus King High School. The family lived there until 2006 went the house was sold. 4140 North 14th street was a fun place, I have some good memories in that house.

Father died in 1974

I happen to be home in Milwaukee on Easter vacation from college when my father died. My father passed away on April 12, 1974. I was sleeping in my room when my mother came in and woke me up. She told me to come and see about my father, she said something is wrong. I started to get scar because this was the first time something this had happens, at the time I really didn’t know what had happen. I rush out of the room into my parents bedroom which was across from my room expecting to see my father but he wasn’t there. I turn around to my mother who was standing behind me and ask her wear was Daddy, she said he laying on the couch in the living room. I storm into the living room with my heart racing. After I got in the room I saw my father was laying on his stomach. I touch my father’s head and it was cold and he also didn’t have a poise. I turn around to my who was standing there and told her Daddy was dead and I will call 911. The EMT’s was at the house less then 10 minutes and check out my father, they tried to resuscitate him but he was dead. The paramedics took my father to St. Michael’s Hospital. We had the service at O’bee’s Funeral home. Over the next six years my father’s brothers(my uncles) all in their 40’s died. This BLOG is a tribute to them and Health Education After a few days my told me that daddy had insurance on the house in of his death the house would be paid off. I starting calling the insurance company where he had his policy so we could get the check and send it to the mortgage to pay off the house. For about three months and I would call every two weeks to call Insurance people and they would tell me they will send it. I tried for awhile for them to send it so I called this lawyer Clarence Parrish and made an appointment for me and my mother to come and see him. I and my mother when to attorney Parrish office which was around 5th and Walnut. We when early that week in the afternoon. I did most of the talking and explain to attorney Parrish. After explaining to him about the issue I gave him the phone number to the insurance company he told us to come at the end of the week. We did that and he told us the insurance company had send the check to him. He also said he would send it to the mortgage company. My mother sign it and it cost us $300.00 just for a phone call.

Graduation/Diploma/Birthday in 1974

Just over a month from graduating from college my father had passed away. I stayed home after Easter vacation for two reasons. The first was my mother didn’t know what to do, I became depressed and this was the very first time the first death in the family and it effected me in the worst way, the second was my mother and I knew in my heart of hearts that she wanted me to stay to take of business.

See Mychal Thompson play in Play in College.

I had graduated in the summer of 1974 but I still traveled to River Falls once and while to see some of my friends. Some of the ballers(basketball) players that was playing at the school RF was telling me about this freshman that was playing at the University of Minnesota name Mychal Thompson. They said he was the real deal and after he finish playing college ball he was NBA bound. I travel up to RF around the holidays and I and some of the guys when up to the U of M to see Mychal Thompson play the University of Wisconsin. Minnesota won the game. Mychal Thompson kept balling out at the U of M. I didn’t hear or see him again until I was in San Francisco. In 1978 was living in San Francisco and the day of the NBA draft I didn’t see but on the evening news sports they talk about the draft and the # 1 pick was University of Minnesota’s power forward/Center Mychal Thompson. When I saw that on T.V. I wasn’t surprise all I said was WOW!

1974-1977 teaching 5th graders

Like I said earlier I went to college on a teacher’s grant with the stipulation that I wouldn’t have pay it back if I taught in a inner-city public school for three years. I did that for three years. Doing that time I worked as a teacher, live at home and helping the family especially my mother. I and my mother use to talk a lot of things, me, her, family and my father. One day we were talking about my father she admitted to me that she talked to my father about eating right but he didn’t care. He love his beans and greens with a block of “salt-folk” which was totally FAT, a lot salt for seasoning. I never saw father exercise but I can’t put that on my father because he was working all the time making a living for my mother and five kids. We all have memories, yesterday, last week, few months ago, and years ago. If you really think about it that’s all we have is memories or history good bad and ugly its all there in the mind. I know that you have heard, we as human’s make mistakes but it just goes with the territory. Its sad to say but young people today waste their YOUTH. A lot of teens don’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of. Young, dumb, and full of cum. They think they know life, some start acting out thinking they know it all. There was a time people didn’t have to lock their homes but now days you have to bless to leave your house. Watch Dr. Phil and the news which is 90% bad to see what I’m talking about. Even the commercials on T.V. is insurance for health. In the summer of 1976 I really starting eating right running, doing yoga after work preparing myself before going to San Francisco. I also found time for music( my first love) and to manage this band called “Black Earth Plus” with a good friend Curry Johnson Who I met while attending West Division High School. We perform in and around the Milwaukee area. Nothing real big but it was fun and I learned a lot. Doing that summer I found out that two people who I when to school with started a modeling school just off of Capital near Rufus King High school near my home. Wilbur and Beverly(forgot their last name) were married. I remember Wilbur because he took photos(all the sports)in school. I remember him taking photos of the track team. I day I when up to the modeling school and met Beverly. I would have two hour class in the afternoon every Thursday. Doing that year I perform in 10 fashion shows. The very last show I did was in August of 1977, Beverly had booked a fashion show where Frankie Beverly and Maze was performing that Saturday evening. A few months before the show I started hearing this song,” Happy Feeling” on the radio. I got to the show early and was back stage and this was my first time meeting somebody I have heard on the radio. The Band came in about 5:00pm to do a sound check something I didn’t know about. We all started to introduce ourselves to each other. I didn’t realize Frankie Beverly was so short but the brother could really sing. One thing I notice was he didn’t sound like anyone I had heard over the air. I still have fun memories of that show. I did see Frankie Beverly and Maze later when I went to live in San Francisco.

Healthy Tibets

The Five F’s you live by now days.

Family, Food, Fitness, Fun and Friends…Six degrees of separation. We are all around people , we live with people, little kids too, at home , school, jobs and bars etc. People, People, People. So its nice to be a good person and surrounded by good friends.


Let me say this first. For a long time I didn’t know that protein isn’t produce by our bodies . Like a lot of people I want you to know you that you heard it first here. Protein is very important for our bodies. We have to acquire it through our diets. And our don’t store it, so we have to consume it regularly. And by that I mean several times a day. Most of us know that our bodies are composed mostly of water. In fact, water represents anywhere from 50 to 65% of the average human body.


No doubt you have heard of collagen. You probably see it frequently and prominently displayed on labels for a variety of health and beauty products, including nutritional supplements, shampoos and body lotions. Called”the glue that holds the body together” collagen makes up between 25 and 35% of the body’s overall protein content, and about 70% of the protein within skin. In human and animal bodies, it’s the main structural protein in the extracellular space in various connective tissues. Healthy levels of collagen are what enable us to move, stretch and bend. Collagen is also what helps our hair shine, our skin glow and our nails stay strong, especially when we’re younger. Gram for gram, the most common type of collagen in your body is stronger than steel, despite being elastic. Your collagen production deteriorates as you age.

The “Bad” news about Collagen.

You likely already know that many health experts consider collagen the closest thing on earth to a real “fountain of youth” — especially in terms of helping support our skin, hair, joints, and gut health.

And it’s really no surprise collagen is so key to battling cellulite, because collagen actually makes up 75% of your skin.

Truth is, by the time people hit “middle age,” their bodies typically produce less than half the collagen they did in youth – and they increasingly produce less with each passing year.¹ This can result in not only wrinkles but skin with dimples and that dreaded cellulite.

The good news? You can increase the collagen in your body again by consuming it in a simple powder form every day, mixed with coffee or your favorite beverage.

But how does collagen work to fight cellulite?

One: Unlike protein from meats, eggs or nuts, high-quality collagen protein is particularly rich in three very specific (and rare) amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. In fact, collagen protein is the ONLY source of hydroxyproline. Together, these three amino acids account for 40 – 50% of the protein in collagen—that’s 10 – 20 times higher than other typical protein sources you’re currently eating.

When you consume collagen, it builds up in your body and these special amino acids begin to strengthen your collagen-containing connective tissues, such as your skin, cartilage, bones, intestinal lining, tendons, and more.

Two: What’s astounding is that new research shows certain types of collagen to be especially attracted to damaged collagen in your body (like dimpled skin), which has a different chemical charge than healthy collagen.²

The Good…The Bad…The Ugly truth about digestion and longevity.

3 foods that kills FEMALE FAT.

Did you know it’s possible to force your body to dissolve hard-to-budge fat?
Multiple scientific studies prove that eating certain foodsforce your body to flush out the toxins that are clogging your gut and causing you to hold on to more fat.
So, if you’re still struggling to lose weight, despite your best efforts, whatever you do make sure you add these to your diet immediately. Ladies please watch the short video.


I am no doctor but at my age I know better and use common sense when it comes to my health. I can’t be any clearer. When it comes to keeping bone density either I win the battle or SUGAR does. I lose huge amounts of calcium and chromium while fighting the ravages of sugar which causes acidity in my bones and sadly boosts my risk of osteoporosis and future hip fractures. Just remember my friends too much sugar in your body sets off a RED ALERT in your body to make MORE and I will say it again insulin. Sad to say, when your body morphs into the stage of INSULIN RESISTANCE. When this happens FREE radicals attack our immune system and weaken every cell making you physically drained. It’s a bad cycle of cardio health. your liver takes the extra sugar(that’s not stored) and transforms it into FAT. Then, it forces it back into your bloodstream as thick LDL cholesterol. In turn, this LDL cholesterol stays inside your blood vessel walls where it leads to the hardening of the arteries strokes, heart attacks and even death! REMEMBER: If not treated properly you can become a candidate for the METABOLIC SYNDROME. Watch what do put into your body my friends, I want you to live for a healthy pain-free long time. You might know this but it bears repeating. INSULIN is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulate the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. I say with Regret that the lack of insulin causes the form of diabetes. That said, Insulin is vital to helping you lose weight because its job is to burn calories, store fat and give your body energy!

Whether you’re already retired, or you’re looking forward to the day soon… there’s likely a big question looming over your head.

“What’s next?”

Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise,” but it may be even better to insert some “happy” into that equation.


On that Friday it was oldest brother birthday so the family and friends celebrated my brother birthday and me leaving for San Francisco to live. We party until early morning. It was great, a nice send-off. I will never forget that night.

It was around 4:00pm Milwaukee time I had a flight from here to San Francisco. I got into San Francisco around 5:45 pm a two hour difference time zone. I took a shuttle from the airport to downtown at the Greyhound bus station on 7th street between Market and Mission street. When I got to the station I called by friend from high school Boot. After I got off the phone with Boot which he said he will meet me at the bus station in about forty-five minutes. Right across the street was a news and book stand. I went there and brought some books that was hard to fine in Milwaukee. They had a section with black arthurs a lot I knew of. The had a few names I knew one was Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim but years I couldn’t fine them in Milwaukee. I come to San Francisco and I haven’t been here 2 hours I and I find the books I wanted to read for years. I brought all of Donald’s books. First Donald was an African-American writer of urban fiction. His novels were deep real deep. He wrote about 14 novels. (1) Dopefiend (2) Whoreson (3) Black Gangster (4) Black Girl Lost (5) Street Players (6) White man’s Justice…Black Man’s Grief (7) Daddy Cool (8) Crime Partners (9) Never Die Alone (10) Eldorado Red (11) Death List (12) Cry Revenge (13) Swamp Man (14) Inner City Hoodlum. The other guy was Iceberg Slim who wrote only 4 novels. (1) Pimp-the story of my life. (2) Trick Baby (3) Mama Black Widow (4) Night Train To Sugar Hill. Robert Beck (born Robert Lee Maupin or Robert Moppins Jr.;[1] August 4, 1918 – April 30, 1992), better known as Iceberg Slim, was an American pimp who subsequently became an influential author among a primarily African-American readership. Beck’s novels were adapted into movies, and the imagery and tone of Beck’s fiction have been acknowledged as an influence by several gangsta rap musicians, including Ice-T and Ice Cube.

Robert Beck (born Robert Lee Maupin or Robert Moppins Jr.;[1] August 4, 1918 – April 30, 1992), better known as Iceberg Slim, was an American pimp who subsequently became an influential author among a primarily African-American readership. Beck’s novels were adapted into movies, and the imagery and tone of Beck’s fiction have been acknowledged as an influence by several gangsta rap musicians, including Ice-T and Ice Cube, whose names are homages to Beck.

Early life

Robert Maupin was born in Chicago, Illinois. He spent his childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois, until he returned to Chicago. When his mother was abandoned by his father, she established a beauty shop and worked as a domestic to support both of them in Milwaukee.[2] In his autobiography, Maupin expressed gratitude to his mother for not abandoning him as well. She earned enough money working in her salon to give her son the privileges of a middle-class life such as a college education, which at that time was difficult for the average person.[3]

In 1961, Maupin moved to Los Angeles and changed his name to Robert Beck, taking the last name of the man his mother was married to at the time.[3] He met Betty Shue, who became his common-law wife and the mother of his three daughters, while he was working as an insecticide salesman. Betty encouraged Beck to write the story of his life as a novel, and they began sporadically writing some draft chapters. According to her, a white writer, whom Beck would later only refer to as “the Professor”, became interested in writing Beck’s life story; Beck became convinced that the man was trying to steal their idea for himself, so they cut him out of the deal and finished it without him.[2][5][6] Bentley Morris of Holloway House recognized the merit of Pimp, and it was published in 1967.[2][7]

The hip-hop writer Mark Skillz wrote that when Beck began work on Pimp, “he made two promises to himself: no glamorizing his former life and no snitching.”[5] Hip hop artist Fab 5 Freddy, a friend of Beck’s, claimed that “Many of Bob’s friends were still alive when he wrote that book. So he changed all of their names and descriptions. ‘Baby’ Bell became ‘Sweet’ Jones, his best friend ‘Satin’ became ‘Glass Top,’ and he created composite characters of some of his former ’employees.'”[5]

A movie adaptation of Pimp has been in development for some time. In the 1990s, there were announcements of a movie to be directed by Bill Duke and starring Ice Cube.[citation needed] In 2009, television executive producer Rob Weiss, of the HBO show Entourage, and Mitch Davis purchased the film rights to produce Pimp.[15]

According to Beck’s widow, Diane Millman Beck, Beck’s final years were plagued by financial worries and deteriorating health. Beck suffered from diabetes and became increasingly reclusive. He died from liver failure on April 30, 1992, aged 73.[5][7] In 2005, Diane Millman Beck and Beck’s three daughters from his previous relationship, Melody, Misty and Camille, filed suit against Holloway House for back payment of royalties. They claimed in their suit that Robert Beck died penniless.[5]



After I stop reading about the street life I told myself that won’t help me. So I started reading about positive thinking…No more sinking thinking. Like I said earlier I like to read and I changed up and started to read and listen to tapes on positive thinking to better myself. I started reading books by Napeleon Hill…The power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, 13 success Principles in 30 minutes, Cosmic Habit Force, 17 principles of Personal Achievement. Tapes by Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar…Talking about brain and how it works. Later on Tony Robbins. I call them my LIFE mentors I read the books and listen the books over and over again. I had this habit of reading and reading and highlighting again. After I purchase the books I when back to the bus station and waited for my friend Boot. We walked to the Herbert Hotel 161 Powell Street. where he was staying and I got a room. Before I came to California I had heard they don’t get to much rain and it haven’t rain in San Francisco in almost a year, but guess what? when I arrived in San Francisco on September 16, 1977 it was raining that Saturday. I and Boot was talking about the city. He told me Lionel Richie (The Commodores) and The Emotions were performing at the Cow Palace. On the weekend Boot show me around the city but doing the week went he had to work I would do it on my own. I did have a few thousand dollars went I came to San Francisco but I still wanted to find a job. Just before the holidays I was lucky to fine a job right across the street selling shoes at San Ramos Shoes. I worked there for 9 months but I wanted to move from downtown because I was living on the main street where the cable cars run and the cars would go up and down the main track ringing the bell starting at 6:00am. The ringing of the bell would wake me up and I didn’t like that. I wanted to find a better job that would pay me more money so I could move in the neighborhood . On April 2, 1979 my sister had a second child, it was a boy. He was named after him father. I finally found another job 1980 in the financial district at “Your Branch Office”. I work there for three years and met a black lady name Joyce Walton who became my best friend. Joyce lived in the Geneva Towers but not far from the Cow Palace. I started working around August and became good friends with Joyce. I day at work she was told me she was giving a birthday for her boyfriend Michael in November and I was invited to come. She said she wanted he to meet a good girlfriend that was from the same home town she was from which was New Orleans. I told Joyce that I’m a bad boy playing the field and wasn’t looking for something study. I will come anyway because I’m still learning my way around the city and I’ve never been to Geneva Towers. The time had come in November to go to the party. Joyce told me to catch the 9 San Bruno bus and it would take me right on the corner of Schwerin and Sunnydale. I when to the party, met Joyce boyfriend Michael and girlfriend Louise, a very nice pretty woman. She had a pleasing personality and I was attract to her. A month before the party I had just moved to my new apartment at 860 Oak street between Steiner and Pierce Street in the Fillmore district. At the party that night me and Louise became to talk about a lot of things and what each other do. She told me she work in the office with her sister Mary who live on the 9th floor in the B-building where she live with her family. Joyce and her boyfriend stayed on the 8th floor and Louise stayed on the 19th floor. She also told me she knew Joyce since her child hood days back in New Orleans. Louise and I began dating and good friends. We started to do things together and going to concerts Some good memories we have was going to see Marvin Gaye at the Circle Star Theatre months before his death, also seeing Luther Vandross perform too. In June of 1981 on a Saturday Louise and I plus other members of her family was at the state Fair in Pleasanton went Louise became very sick. On that following Monday I when to hospital with her to have a checkup and found out she pregnant. I was so happy to hear that, that I almost cried. After the baby which was a boy on February 1, 1982. He was named after me Alijo Wilson Jr. In March of that year I moved out of my apartment with Louise in Geneva Towers. After a few months I got my security card and started working at Geneva Towers first shift. I would get up early and walk four blocks across Geneva Avenue to take my son to the daycare center. I would walk back to the towers and shift. I met this guy name Jerry who live in the Towers that was doing security at the Cow Palace and other concerts. I would see Jerry going out of the building with a yellow jacket and on the back of the jacket had large letters with “Event Security”. I stop him one day and ask him about Event Security and where he work. I told me he worked all over, the ball park, the Cow Palace, and the Warfield Theatre downtown on Market street doing concerts. The evening I stop him he was going to do a concert at the Cow Palace. I said if I was interested in making some extra money he could give a name and phone number of the person to talk to, to get me in. The next day I saw Jerry and he gave me a phone number and the people to talk to. He told to call and talk to either Bruce who owner of the company or James Battle. I didn’t waste any time and called after I got off of work that day. I talk to James and he ask me just one question did I have a security card. I told him I did have a card and to come down to the office so he could make a copy of my card and ID. I started working part-time doing conconerts.Louise’s mother was called Madea years before Tyler Perry made all those movies he started in as Madea. She also lived in Geneva Towers on the 4th floor. As a fact of fact Madea Louise’s mother passed away before the movies were made. I worked security at Geneva towers until 1985 when we moved to Hunter’s Point on the hill at apartment’s at 65 Hudson Count, Madea and her son Charles moved just a few doors at 90 Hudson Count. After we moved on the hill I still work doing security at Geneva Towers but stop to work at Event Security full time because I was moving up and getting more working. My very first concert I did was at the Cow Palace and Joan Jet and Loverboy was performing. Over the next couple years from 1985-1992 I did other back stage security around the bay area. In the summer of 1986 I got a call from Milwaukee from “Big Bob” the father of my sister’s son father. He ask me was it O.K. for him to stay with me for awhile. I told him it would be alright. Big Bob came to San Francisco and stay with us for about 5 months and moved out. Doing that time living with us I got him a job working with me at Event Security. It was a joy working with Big Bob. He kept us laughing.Most of the heavy metal or hard rock bands at the Cow Palace. Some other bands I did at the time were…U2, ZZ Top, AC/DC, 38 Special, The Red Rocker, Ronnie Dio, Robert Plant, (Buddy Miles & Steve Perry lead singer of Journey came back stage) to see Robert Plant, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Jero Tull, Motor Head, Metallica, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Black Sabbeth, Slayer, Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, Dokken, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Poison, Van Halen, Stryper, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Diamond Head, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar and others. At the Warfield Theatre downtown on Market Street artists that perform I did back stage: A lot of reggae bands perform there like Tools and the Maytals, Peter Tosh, Yellow Man, UB40, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Sly & Robbie, Inner Circle, Third World, and Mighty Diamonds. Other R&B artists were Jeffery Osborne, Chaka Khan, The Dazz Band, Levert, The Time, The Family Stone( without Sly), Vanity, Con Funk Shun, Ready for the World, Mint Condition, S.O.S. Band, Zapp Band, Skyy, The Pointer Sisters, Chic, Cameo, Lakeside, GQ, Klymaxx, Loose Ends, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Jennifer Holiday, Mtume, Bill Withers, Midnight Star and Tina Marie. Others I did was Adam Ant. Doing 1986 we(America) had the 2RD COMING OF THE ENGLISH. English bands that came from across the pond that perform at the Warfield Theatre was Simple Minds, Boy George & Culture Club, INXS, New Order, A-HA, Fine Young Cannibals, Tears For Fears, The Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Star Ship, and The Pretenders, Red Hot Chill Peppers, No Doubt, and Talking Heads. Moving on to the Oakland Coliseum Grounds, “Day On The Green: Green Day, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Wham w/ George Michael, Duran Duran and Earth Wind & Fire. At the Berkeley Greece Theatre: Sting and Chicago. I back stage for Prince at the Cow Palace for 6 days.

Security at ONE California Street

I started doing security at One California street in early 1976 which was a Shorenstein Building. They had there own (In-House)security for their buildings. I still work the concerts but my family was growing I needed better benefits and health insurance for my family. On June 4, 1986 my second child was born, it was a girl. Louise my common law wife named her Alisha. Once my benefits kick in I could take my kids to medical appointment without the fear of a big bill. I made good money with Event Security, had a lot fun doing concerts but the benefits wasn’t that good. So I changed and adjust and didn’t have regrets. I started to work at the Shorenstein’s other buildings. 50 California, 333 Market, 425 Market, 5 Fremont, Bank of America building which later they purchase. The Russ Building where the executive offices is now. When I started doing security at One California the executive offices were on the 29th floor. I was on second shift which was from 4:00pm-1200am Monday -Friday and off on weekend. When you have young kids it always a good thing to be off on weekends. I was still doing security for Event Security on some weekends but not every weekends. I also was doing security at One California when San Francisco October 17, 1989 we had that major earthquake which struck the whole bay area. I had just been on my shift for over an hour when it happen. The fire alarm when off and all the elevaters came to the lobby. Everybody had to walk down to the lobby to exit the building.

Bill Graham Music Promoter Died.

On Saturday October 26, 1991 I was sleeping and my wife woke me up and said my boss was died last night. I said who! and told me Bill Graham. I ask her what happen. In a helicopter but its all over the news she said. I turn on the T.V. in the room and there it was on the news. They explain he, his girlfriend and their pilot were killed when their helicopter struck a PG&E tower after leaving a Huey and the News concert at the concord Pavilion. I still remember that and if it wasn’t for Bill I wouldn’t have made all that money, meeting super stars and musicians. I work for Event Security but they had a contact with Bill Graham to do security. You can say I was a BGP…Bill Graham Presents because he was the one that put all those concerts in the bay area. I will always remember him. R.I.P. While working at One California like I said earlier I worked second shift, so I would be at the console in the lobby a lot. The owner of the company Mr. Walter Herbert Shorenstein would call it a day around 5:00pm and his drivers either Peter Fatooh or John Regireo would hang around in the lobby. I got to know them very well. One day John ask me do I like to drive and make some extra money on the weekends, I said yes. Mind you I had work One California for almost a year and I got pass over head security supervisor Three times. I never got bad I got glad. I told myself it wasn’t to be, so I didn’t worry about it. Doing my shift there was always two officers . A few months pass John or Peter wasn’t available to drive Mr. Shorenstein home. When Mr. Shorenstein came down to the lobby he personally ask me to drive him home. That’s when it all started for me driving the owner of the company. I couldn’t believe it. One day I was thinking that I had been passed over as head supervisor. When God close one door he opens another. I told myself this is a BLESSING. Driving the boss of the company is oh so better. Over the next year I found myself driving Mr. Shorenstein home, to meetings, doctor appointments and to the airport if Peter or John didn’t want to do it. I was in good company because Peter’s wife was a police office (SFPD) and John had two sons as police officers(SFPD). John was a former police officer(SFPD).

Bank of America 555 California Street

In August of 1992 the company purchase and moved to the Bank of America Building. The company was growing. The executive offices were on the 49th floor. The mail room, accounting, and the IT departments were on the 14th floor. Mr. Shorenstein didn’t want to lose me so he made sure that I was close. They own the building so I kept my same hours 4:00pm-12:00am and with weekend off and kept driving. After about a year continuing to drive and doing security at the Bank of America at the Shorenstein company had an opening in the mail room. One of the executive’s name Neal Columbo came to me while on my shift ask me would I be interested in the position I told him with a big smile YES!!!. The next week I started my training in the mailroom with a very nice Asian guy name Ming Ng. We work well together I must say.

The Shorenstein Company…Meeting the Family.

I started working in the mailroom on the 14th floor. My hours change from working security from second shift to working in the morning from 9:00-5:00pm and weekends off. Working in the mailroom I had to get there early about 8:30am to pick up the mail bags in the building mailroom which was located in the basement of the building in back of the loading dock. Either I or Ming would pick up the mail. Most of the time I did because I lived closer to the Bank of America. I didn’t have a car but Muni was right on time everyday and I would get to the office at the same time. Ming drove in and sometimes the traffic would get him. If you live in the bay area you know what I’m talking about especially downtown the traffic is BAD!. When started working in the mailroom I was driving more then ever. I drove Mr. Shorenstein here and there, sometimes walking to take or pick something. Go to his home to take his wife Mrs. Shorenstein to doctors appointments. Doing the same thing for Douglas, sometime picking up his kids to and from school, also driving Douglas to places. I kept doing that for months until we got a third person in the mailroom because I would be called out to do a lot of things for the family. Even if I was sick I went to work, I figure if I am not on my death bed I could still go to work. When I didn’t drive I would distribute the mail starting on the 49th floor and doing the 14th floor second. I was the one person everybody knew because I came in contact and distribute mail to every departments.

Walter Herbert H. Shorenstein

A Few things about my BOSS…A billionaire. I been bless and fortunate to work and house-sit for such a man. Over the years working for him I have met a lot of important people. Senator Ted Kennedy, Former President Bill Clinton(3 times) and his wife Hillary , Vice President Al Gore and his wife, actor Warren Beatty , Keith Carradine Lena Horn, Barry Bond, Rev. Desmond tutu, David Brinkley

Walter Herbert H. Shorenstein

chairman founder real estate broker Walter Herbert Shorenstein, American Commercial real estate development company executive.


Shorenstein, Walter Herbert was born on February 23, 1915 in Glen Cove, New York, United States.


Student, Pennsylvania State University, 1934. Student, University Pennsylvania, 1936. Doctor in Economics (honorary), Han Yang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1988.


His company, Shorenstein Company, owned 130 buildings totaling at least 28,000,000 square feet (2,600,000 m2) of office space at the time of his death. In 1941, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Upon his discharge from the Air Force, Shorenstein moved to San Francisco with savings of $1,000.

He and others attributed his success in business to “street smarts”.

In 1993, Shorenstein helped an investor group purchase the San Francisco Giants baseball team thus preventing the franchise from moving to Florida. Shorenstein became active politically and was a significant fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

He was a major donor to civic and charitable causes, as well as higher education. He was prominent in the Jewish-American political and philanthropic community.

He also endowed the Shorenstein Forum for Asia Pacific Studies at Stanford University.

In 1993, he and Mikhail Gorbachev established the Gorbachev Foundation in San Francisco. In 1945, Shorenstein married Phyllis Finley of Wellington, Kansas. They had three children: Carole Shorenstein Hays (born 1948), a Broadway producer with whom he established three major theaters in San Francisco: the Orpheum, the Curran and the Golden Gate.

Douglas West. Shorenstein (born 1955) is chairman and chief executive of The Shorenstein Company.

In 2010, he was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Board of Directors.

Mr. Shorenstein’s Wife died.

On a Wednesday morning June 22, 1995 Mr. Shorenstein’s wife died. Mr. Shorenstein’s personal assistant Cindy called me and explain what had happen told me to rush out to the house. I didn’t know what I could do but I was thinking they might need me to be there in case Mr. Shorenstein needed me to go and get something . I got to the house about 9:00am at 740 El Camino out by Baker Beach. I was there all day. Within the next week we had Phyllis Mr. Shorenstein’s wife service on Lake street at Congregation Emanu-EL.

House Sitting For Mr. Shorenstein at 740 El Camino street.

A few weeks pass and Dan the groundkeeper at the Bank of America and Mr. Shorenstein home approached me while I was doing a bank drop on the ground floor the street level where the bank was. Dan told me Mr. Shorenstein was out of town but he will coming back next week. Mr. Shorenstein told Dan to talk to me about moving into his home. I couldn’t believe it but here I am standing in the bank hearing the impossible that one of the wealthiest men in America wanted me to house sit. Dan continue to tell me Mr. Shorenstein wanted someone at the house and have it warm when he come from his trips. I told Dan a big yes I would be glad to do it. I had broke up with my common law wife anyway and I was living in a studio apartment paying $550 a month and money out my check monthly for child support. So you can see the timing was right. Mr. Shorenstein really safe me. When Mr. Shorenstein came back the next week I was in the mailroom and his secretary Kristen called me told me and said could I come up to the office and see him. I when up to his office and he talk to me about living in the house. He gave me the keys and house code to the house. I started moving my stuff in the house at 740 El Camino street over looking Baker Beach that weekend. I house sit for Mr. Shorenstein from 1995-2000. I remember one time I was still house sitting Mr. Shorenstein came to me and ask me could I move out for the weekend and stay with my girlfriend. He was kind enough to tell me that The President Bill Clinton was coming to home for a fund rising in San Francisco and that he will staying at the house. He also couldn’t be there either. The next weekend the Secret Service people and two dogs came to the house that Thursday morning. I told them I also work in the mailroom downtown for Mr. Shorenstein that When I leave within the next hour I won’t be back until Monday night.

AJ leaves the Shorenstein Company.

August 6, 2006 I left the company. It was a joke between me and the 2 women in payroll about my real name which is Ali jo Wilson but all of the other people at the company knew me as AJ which was fine with me. Because all of my life my friends and family called me AJ. Some people has ask me what do AJ stands for, I would tell them. When I left the I felt the Shorenstein’s made me feel special and gave a big send off party in the conference room on the 49th floor. It just showed me that they appreciated everything I does for them and the family over the years. Great people and a good company to work at. Ok I get it, why did I leave? I wanted to concentrate more with my art and producing music. And that’s what I did. I produced 8 CD’s and musical Platinum and gold records of dead artists. I did one political relic of Former President Barrack Obama for my former boss and mentor Mr. Shorenstein.

Mr. Walter Herbert Shorenstein Died.

Mr. Shorenstein died on that Thursday June 27, 2010 at the age of 95 of natural causes at his home. I got a call from his personal assistant Cindy to come to his service the following week at Congregation Emanu-EL on Lake Street. Who’s Who and other important people was there. Former mayors of San Francisco Willie Brown, Gavin Newson, and Senator Diane Feinstein. Home Run king in baseball Barry Bond and his neighbor Actor Robin Williams. Former President Bill Clinton a very good friend of Mr. Shorenstein did not attend because he was out of the country but he send a guy from his office to the service to read a letter the President wrote. Senator Nancy Pelois a neighbor of Doug Shorenstein read at Mr. Shorenstein’s service and other democratic people too. Douglas his son spoke last and it was also moving at the service. At the time I was living at his housekeeper of over 40 years home. Her name was Flossie who used to live 540 Victoria Street @ Garfield.

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Bible Reading Plans

Douglas Shorenstein…The Second Coming

Shorenstein was one of three children born, in San Francisco, California, on February 10, 1955,[4] to real estate developer Walter Shorenstein[5] and Phyllis Finley.[6] His father was born Jewish and his mother underwent conversion to Judaism.[7] He had two sisters: Broadway producer Carole Shorenstein Hays and CBS news producer and Washington Post journalist Joan Shorenstein (who died of cancer in 1985). He graduated with a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and with a J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.


In 1980, he moved to New York City where he worked for three years in the real estate department of the law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP.[8] In 1983, he moved back to San Francisco and joined his father’s real estate development company, Shorenstein Properties.[8] In 1995, he was appointed chairman and CEO.[9][10] Under his tutelage, he transitioned the company from a traditional local based real estate developer to a national real estate investment company[8] with more than 70 properties in 13 cities including Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon and Manhattan.[11] By 2006, Shorenstein Properties was the 20th largest owner of office buildings in the United States.[12]

In 1991, Shorenstein Properties started its first closed-end fund tasked with making real estate investments nationally and requiring a minimum $25 million investment and a 20-year commitment.[8] The fund had six partners, one of which was Shorenstein, and totaled $150 million.[13] After the death of his father, he bought out his sister’s interest and shifted the company to a pure fund platform with each fund typically being composed of 10-15% of his own money.[8]

Shorenstein Properties, via 11 investment funds, owns and manages 22.8 million square feet of office properties valued at $7 billion.[14]

In 2007, he was appointed to the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; in 2010, he was elevated to deputy chairman; and in 2011, he was appointed chairman

Philanthropy and board memberships

Shorenstein served on the board the Environmental Defense Fund; the executive council of the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center; the executive committee of The Real Estate Roundtable; and Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (named in honor of his late sister).[15] In 2011, Shorenstein was inducted into the Bay Area Council’s Bay Area Business Hall of Fame which “recognizes the extraordinary achievements of individuals who have advanced San Francisco Bay Area-based businesses to positions of national and international prominence.”[9] In 2013, he founded the Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow at the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center at Harvard University in honor of his father.

Personal life

Shorenstein was married to Lydia Preisler;[17] they had 3 children: a son, Brandon, and two daughters, Sandra and Danielle.[18] He was a practitioner of yoga and was a collector of Southeast Asian and Nepalese art with an emphasis on Khmer and Cambodian pieces.[13] He and his wife were members of the Congregation Emanu-El (San Francisco).[19] Shorenstein died due to cancer on November 24, 2015.

I didn’t know my former boss had died. My daughter Alisha had called me that afternoon around 1:00pm and said my boss had died. I ask who she talking about she said Mr. Shorenstein’s son Douglas.

Market Square, San Francisco The Shorenstein bought the Twitter Building in 2011.

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GenF20 is the #1 rated HGH Releaser available on the market today, targeting those who wish to fight aging and restore youthful appearance and vitality.

It’s a clear winner in the anti-aging market space where there are imposters abound; GenF20 stands out not only because it’s doctor endorsed — but because it’s enthusiastically recommended by clients.

As you age, your HGH (human growth hormone) levels begin to drop off.

And as science has proven, this decrease in HGH directly correlates to how rapidly your body begins to age, affecting everything from your appearance (sagging, wrinkles) to your muscle tone, fat retention, memory, sex drive, energy levels, and more!

GenF20 helps your body to safely and naturally restore the HGH levels of your youth, literally REVERSING aging, all without costly and potentially dangerous injections of synthetic HGH.

It’s a dietary supplement known as an “HGH Releaser” that contains a special, scientifically formulated combination of amino acids, nutrients, and peptides…

… All designed to kick start your pituitary gland into NATURALLY releasing more of your own HGH!

Benefits can include a more youthful appearance, increased muscle tone, fat loss, increased metabolism, a super-charged sex drive, boundless energy, and more.

For the vast majority of individuals, invasive surgeries and expensive anti-aging injections are simply out of the question. Yet they’re still seeking an anti-aging solution…



Vigorelle is our leading female libido enhancement product. It’s an all-natural herbal cream that’s activated by touch.

Interestingly, Vigorelle converts extremely well when promoted to both women AND men, as men like to purchase it as a gift for their partners.

And it’s no wonder… Described as an “instant turn-on cream,” Vigorelle is applied to women’s most intimate areas before or during lovemaking to dramatically increase sensation and intensify orgasms.

There are NO pills to take, NO manuals to read, NO awkward positions to learn. Just a sensuous, deliciously smooth cream to transform every touch into pure sensual pleasure.

Vigorelle is 100% safe, packaged in a state-of-the-art medical-grade facility.

It contains no harmful petrochemicals and is made with the highest-quality, natural ingredients, chosen by an experienced naturopath for their sex-enhancing properties.


Hersolution Booty Sculpt System

The Complete Sculpt, Firming & Smoothing Anit-Aging System

  • Hersolution Sculpt – Stimulating Scrub
    Perfects, smooths and tightens skin tissues while stimulating collagen production in targeted areas. Our ingredients deliver anti-aging and antioxidant benefits
  • Hersolution Firm – Collagen Booty Mask
    Helps to smooth cellulite in problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen by increasing collagen production to help the firming and tightening process
  • Hersolution Smooth – Stretch Mark Serum
    A customized blend of high-quality Natural and Organic ingredients that deliver intense hydration to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • https://www.totalcurve.com/ct/539142



Inrease Physical Stamina, Decrease Body Fat, Feel Younger

Provacyl is about to take off. Here’s why.

A generation of men are beginning to retire and enter their senior years. Baby boomers control over 80% of American wealth, account for 50% of discretionary spending and buy 77% of all prescription medications.

We’re beyond billions. The male baby boomer generation is a trillion dollar market segment. That’s trillion, with a ‘t’. And that’s just the United States.

As a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser, Provacyl is positioned to help millions address the symptoms of andropause, or the gradual decrease of hormone production in men, with a potent and natural blend of herbals, amino acids and nutrients that are clinically proven to:

  • naturally increase the male sex drive
  • help reduce excess body fat
  • increase lean muscle mass
  • boost physical stamina
  • produce feelings of well-being and positive life outlook

Let’s face it, guys are always going to want great sex, look good and feel great. The good news for you the affiliate is that with Provacyl, they can do it without the cost and expense of synthetic HGH injections.

Provacyl has a list of happy clients, produces no known side effects and offers hope to men around the world who want a safe and affordable way to enjoy their retirement years.


Advanced Skin Lightener

Flawless Complexion Without Harmful Chemicals

The things some women will do to reduce dark spots on their skin are truly staggering. And it makes the demand for a safe, yet potent product for beautiful skin void of blemishes all the more apparent.

Fortunately for them, AND for you, Illuminatural 6i™ is that vehicle. From the hot-selling Skinception™ line of skin-care products, Illuminatural 6i™ is strategically formulated with gentle ingredients to lighten the skin, with a visible reduction of:

  • moles
  • freckles
  • birth marks
  • age spots
  • acne scars
  • and more!

For the consumer that wants beautiful complexion with healthy, blemish-free skin, Illuminatural 6i™ offers a proven treatment to reduce those unsightly dark spots. And they’ll sleep better at night knowing that, unlike most skin brighteners, there are no harsh chemicals in the formula. No hydroquinone, no steroids, no bleach, no mercury.


If you are looking for an HGH product to promote as #2 to GenF20 Plus then look no further. GenFX is a solid contender that has a loyal customer base driven by real results.

As the boomer population ages, HGH releasers are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to dangerous and expensive injections. This is a massive market of customers who are already aware of the anti-aging benefits HGH offers and are actively seeking out HGH releasers on the Internet.

Muscle building is another popular target market for HGH releasers as bodybuilders and weight lifters continue to look for supplements to give them the edge. And with HGH’s track record of speeding recovery and growth, more and more athletes are turning to HGH releasers as a legal and cost effective source of increased HGH!

Skin Care


The Moroccan Anti-Aging Miracle

Miracle is not an understatement. Any product that can reverse signs of aging is welcome news to the millions of consumers who want youthful looks. But a single product that can reduce skin aging, moisturize, fight acne and even heal psoriasis?

Yup, it’s possible. The product is Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil. And it’s going to add dollars to your bank account.

Argan oil, sometimes called “liquid gold”, has numerous therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Among other things, it’s proven to:

  • repair damaged and dry skin
  • erase wrinkles
  • reduce sun damage
  • heal eczema and psoriasis
  • fight acne

Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil is a potent anti-aging skin conditioner and moisturizer, with 200% more vitamin E than olive oil and bursting with antioxidants, fatty acids and polyphenols. And it’s pure – unlike some of the major skin care brands, we add no preservatives to our product.

Gentle, potent and undiluted, Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil is a hot, hot seller. Know anyone with dry skin who wants to reduce the effects of aging? Exactly. Give them Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil, and you’ve got many new – and repeat – customers!

The Moroccan Anti-Aging Miracle

Miracle is not an understatement. Any product that can reverse signs of aging is welcome news to the millions of consumers who want youthful looks. But a single product that can reduce skin aging, moisturize, fight acne and even heal psoriasis?

Yup, it’s possible. The product is Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil. And it’s going to add dollars to your bank account.

Argan oil, sometimes called “liquid gold”, has numerous therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Among other things, it’s proven to:

  • repair damaged and dry skin
  • erase wrinkles
  • reduce sun damage
  • heal eczema and psoriasis
  • fight acne

Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil is a potent anti-aging skin conditioner and moisturizer, with 200% more vitamin E than olive oil and bursting with antioxidants, fatty acids and polyphenols. And it’s pure – unlike some of the major skin care brands, we add no preservatives to our product.


Crow’s feet, laugh lines, dark circles. Yuck. The eyes are the window to the soul, and a dead give-a-way to someone’s age.

That stings. More than that, it’s unnecessary. Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is a potent and effective solution to age around the

Cheaper and far less intrusive than Botox, Eyelasticity is a safe and powerful way to reduce dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet and laugh lines. How powerful? In a recent clinical study, 70% of participants reported noticeable effects in just 14 days.

Benefits of Eyelasticity Include:

  • reduced crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • improved texture and color under the eyes
  • less puffiness and bagging


Ever seen an unshaven woman wearing shorts or a sleeveless blouse?

A little body hair goes a long way. Now you’ve got an opportunity to help folks reduce that unwanted body hair and put a whole lot of money in your pocket while you do it with Stop Grow, a natural hair inhibitor that discourages body hair before it even sprouts up!

Specifically, it’s designed to:

  1. interrupt the anagen phase of body hair
  2. thin out existing growth
  3. reduce length of body hair
  4. decrease the need to wax or shave

Hair Care


Profollica is a standout product in the hair regrowth industry.

Because rather than simply “cleaning” or “purifying” the scalp, Profollica uses the very latest in medical scientific research to deal with the root cause of men’s hair loss: excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone)!

DHT literally poisons the hair follicles on top of your head causing them to shrink… and then disappear!

That’s why, as your first line of defense, Profollica actually discourages the excess production of DHT, the #1 enemy of hair regrowth!

But there’s more to hair regrowth than just inhibiting DHT production. You also need to create a prime environment for hair regrowth. That’s why Profollica has evolved into this powerful three-step hair regrowth system:

Step #1 — Inhibits The Production of Excess DHT with a daily supplement that nourishes the body with our patented, medically approved formulation of 100% natural herbals.

Step #2 — Eliminates Harmful Scalp Bacteria with our scalp purifying shampoo that actually helps to gently eliminate more serious scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, oily hair, itchy scalp and MORE!

Step #3 — Encourages FAST, Healthy Growth with the follicle stimulator (a.k.a. The Activator Gel), which is sprayed at the roots of the hair after each shampoo.

Most clients report seeing their hair begin to regrow within 30 days of use, with more significant results seen after 60 days of use!

It’s an extremely affordable alternative to spending $25,000+ on hair replacement surgery. And it’s SAFE — 100% natural and doctor approved.

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