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Which Biomagnet Kit to Order – Quick Reference Guide  •  Wellness Kit
Malabsorption – The Cause of Chronic Illness, Fibro, Lupus

The Scientific Method of Helping the Body Heal Biomagnetism
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Welcome to BiomagScience, the Science of Biomagnet Therapy – Using Magnets for Healing

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The Electron Theory of Life and Healing
Negative Electromotive Energy from Magnets and Donor Electrons
Help Overcome Health Problems and Support Wellness

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Magnetic Wine Tasting Video

Wellness Kit - Complete Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

We have 35 years of research and development of Advanced Magnetic Therapies for over 180 Health Conditions. We’ll show you how easy magnetic therapy is to use for the results you expect and need.

Our magnetic polarity therapies are based on the energy measurements taught in Physiology and Energy Medicine. Our therapies simply amplify the body’s own healing energy to support rapid healing and pain relief, often producing remarkable, miracle-like results.

Most companies do not offer the ‘proper’ biomagnets for healing use nor the proper application. All to often, we observe weak magnets putting the wrong energy into the wrong location. The wrong application does not work and often causes stress and discomfort in the body – not good for healing.

All BiomagScience Biomagnets are certified therapeutic quality, polarity color coded and come with simple illustrated instructions for ease of use and proper placement.

BiomagScience therapies are taught in clinics, colleges, universities, and used by practitioners and millions of people worldwide every day.

Biomagnetic Therapy Products

Biomagnetic Therapy Products

BiomagScience has over three and a half decades of R&D in magnetic clinical applications worldwide. With over 180 simple and advanced protocols developed to help resolve painful, acute and chronic conditions, these proven therapies are used by individuals, practitioners, and medical institutions worldwide with amazing, almost miracle-like results.

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Bio-Energized Structured Water

Bio-Energized Structured Water

Bio-Energized Structured Water is important for health and tastes great. Case studies and research show energized water provides increased cellular nutrition and detoxification resulting in greater vitality, health and increased immune functions for better healing. We offer Personal Set & Kitchen Energizers for you to choose from or both.

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The following Supplements have special anti-aging, health increasing qualities which are used with BiomagScience therapies as essential tools in helping to provide increased vitality, first aid, and quickly overcoming health conditions.

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BIA Cellular Voltage Testing – Case Research Studies

BIA Cellular Voltage Testing
Click to learn more about BIA Cellular Voltage Testing

An FDA approved device to measure cellular voltage to determine the health of an individual through an analysis of the energy of their cells. An important measuring device to instantly gauge and determine whether the Biomagnetic therapy is providing the proper energy to increase the electromotive health of the cells and the individual.

Live Cell Microscopy – Case Research Studies

Live Cell Microscopy
Click to learn more about Live Cell Microscopy

Live blood cell analysis is viewed in a more 3 dimensional view of the sides and top and bottom of the cells than just from the top. It provides a more complete view of the blood cells and surrounding fluid chemistry.

Case Studies, Research & Clinical Studies Clinic

Certified Biomagnetic product - Foundation For Magnetic Science

al research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science (FMS). Review before and after of cellular microscopy and voltage and neutralization and rapid healing of free-radical sites.

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  Customer Letters – Case Studies   We enjoy

Customer Letters - Case Studies

hearing from happy customers, just like yourself, sharing some truly amazing Biomagnetic stories & experiences. Stories are never typical.

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   Videos – Case Studies   Thes

 Videos - Case Studies

e Biomagnetic Therapy Case Research Study videos are of individuals explaining their condition, magnetic therapy and their results. Includes nerve regeneration and resolution of acute and chronically painful conditions.

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